Freedom is an interesting concept because I find that it begs the question of whether we’re actually truly free or just presented with the illusion of it. Although that’s a rather deep note to start on, it’s one of those weird late night thoughts that come to many, myself included. And I guess that’s what this blog is, in part, going to be about really, late night thoughts and ideas, emotions, and creativity in it’s many forms.

I’m Jade and I’ll be the one writing and thinking out loud, I’m a student in the city of Brighton, somewhere I’m deeply in love with, doing a course I’m passionate about, even when it gets hard. I guess this will mostly be intended for my own entertainment, to boost my confidence in my own writing, as well as to actually motivate me write something regularly. It’s not going to be perfect, but it’ll be me, fingers to keys, working out my style and sharing a varying content with whomever may choose to read it.