Time Goes Bye

So I write this from the backseat of the car as I’m taken (somewhat reluctantly) back to university. I know many others are also migrating back to their various institutions this weekend and emotions are varying all over the country, all over the globe; after all exam season and deadlines loom but then summer also approaches on its heels.

Personally, there’s a mix of things that result in my reluctance to return. One of those is, of course, the ever pressing deadlines and the pressure of make £9000 have some actual value. Another thing though is the simple fact that my first year is nearly over.

Somehow time has seemingly hit the fast forward button and it’s the end of April. A snap election has been announced. Rumours of WW3 are being spread and fetilsed with fear. Various new power players are coming onto the board (or fighting for domination over the existing board) and so on and so forth. Basically, the world is just as sh*t as it’s always been, just with new names cropping up.

But as we trundle along the motorway and the signs for Brighton start cropping up, I’m finding it hard to think outside to the “bigger issues”. Instead I’m thinking about roughly this time seven months ago when I first started university.


“Where’s the time gone?!” I hear you cry. Its a startling realisation isn’t it? For everyone really, be that the students, parents, teachers, friends (both new and old) and so on. It’s like time has moved on without so much as a wave goodbye.

This time seven months ago I was, as I am now, crammed into the back of a car with my worldly possetions squished and squashed in with me. Excited but exhausted  (and moderately hungover (not the best thing to be for a long journey I’ll tell you)). I can still remember the day completely. Hoards of new students, parents and family in tow helping lug bags and boxes into various rooms. Meeting flat mates and neighbours. Unpacking. So much unpacking. But then the inevitable loneliness of being in a new place and not knowing anyone.

But now I return again for the second time in my university experience (the first time being after the Christmas holidays) where tomorrow I’ll comfortably slip back into the routine of gym, lectures, and socilising (now with the added bonus of revision (yay)).

Although it’s been seven months, it’s certainly not been wasted time. I’ve all made memories, met new people, tried new things, continued to deal with old dilemmas, and so much more. Time goes quickly (and apparently it gets even quicker with age) but I’m so excited to see what the next few months bring.


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