The City Never Sleeps

Coming from a quiet, country-side town where nothing seems to happen and everyone knows everyone, or at the very least, knows of¬†everyone due to one factor or another, where there seems to be nothing but nothing, next to that, a city is a beating heart, a new, vibrant rhythm to set your life to. Cities never sleep. It’s true, they hardly ever stop to draw breath either, yet they’re constantly breathing life into their inhabitants.

In retrospect, this is something I’ve learned in a rather short period of time. Ever since moving to Brighton to start studying English at the selfsame named university, I’ve found that the city means so much to me already. Of the city of Brighton’s dwellers 10% of them are students with many graduates opting to remain living here for an indefinite amount of time afterwards, and I don’t blame them. I feel this is my home already, well, in truth, I felt that way first time I ever stepped foot in Brighton.

From it’s openly LGBTQ+ acceptance to it’s dense variety of vegan options, from it’s foot paths to it’s libraries and museums, I’ve never felt more connected to a place. And this is coming from a girl who thought she’d never find a place, somewhere to belong, somewhere she’d be able to make genuine friends, have normal experiences, feel okay again, actually do something with her life. Actually be happy.

Everyone has a somewhat sucky back story, and mine’s no less sucky; obviously there were good parts alongside the bad but sadly, as humans, our brains seem to be hot-wired to remember the bad bits more than we remember the good. But, I’m here now, so part of me feels that’s all irrelevant, but the rest of me recognises that it is important because it’s what’s shaped me into this version of me. Although, in all honesty, I’m still not one hundred percent sure what exactly that means.

I find it interesting, and ironic, that we’re told that we’re individuals in this world of individuals, and that we should each revel in our uniqueness, stand out in our weirdnesses and differences. But here I’ve never wanted to belong more, free to be me, but still fit in alongside the rest, maintain that happy feeling.

So, today I decided to start this blog, I don’t fancy myself as much of a writer (odd, I know, considering the degree I’m studying for) but I’m going to try my best. I’m not promising much but it’ll be my little journey, something more for my entertainment than anyone else’s, although all are free to read along. I’ll probably end up sharing weird late night thoughts that keep me awake, my university experiences, maybe even a recipe or two if I’m ever feeling really inspired. But mostly, it’ll just be me, in a city that never sleeps.


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